Mindfulness first and foremost is a practice…a habit. It is a way of deliberate choice over and over again, choosing to pay attention to everything around us and within us. However, in a different way than we usually do – without judgement(this is hard, so at first just noticing it a good first step) and with kindness. So much of our time is spent judging (creating good/bad scenarios in our head) evaluating, what if’s and wishing things were different to name a few. Scientists say we waste at least 47% of our lives distracted instead of being right here right now.

Mindfulness teaches you how to live in the now by creating small simple shifts such as, starting to pay attention to brushing your teeth, drinking your morning coffee,when your kids or spouse is talking to you, driving– instead of drifting off in to thinking. In our society we value thinking over feeling, which is a big mistake. Thinking leads us to many dead ends and bad trips into stress that we do not need to take. (Think how much time you spend worrying the future or being upset by the past) It is an utter waste of time. We only have shot at this life, let’s start living each moment!

How do I start?

Step 1
Practice present moment awareness

Step 2
Love yourself

Step 3
Let go

If you would like to learn more about any of these steps, please enroll in one of my classes or reach out to set up a session with me.