About Project Mindful

Offering virtual and socially-distanced programs for individuals, small groups, organizations and schools.

About Us

About Project Mindful

Project Mindful’s goal is to teach humans how to love themselves and to realize that emotional intelligence leads to our freedom. Jacquie believes we are here on this earth for one purpose: to serve others and to be the best version of ourselves along the way (Note:that does not mean perfect) Once we learn to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions, we then have the ability to recognize, understand and influence the emotion of others. This is the path to a successful life with deep connections to others!

Project Mindful offers virtual options as well as socially distanced options throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. I would love to talk with you personally about the benefits of mindfulness training.

Contact Project Mindful to inquire about mindful small group sessions. During COVID we are encouraging people to start their own small groups to learn virtually or socially distanced (gather friends and family).


Our Programs

Start On The Path To Mindfulness

Mindful Life Coaching

Mindful programs that includes sessions for individuals and small groups.


Mindful Schools

Bringing mindulness into schools from Pre-K to 12th grade.


Mindful Organizations

Mindful programs for businesses, churches and other organizations.