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Mindfulness can teach children how to pay attention to everything around them — inside and outside.

Teaching Mindfulness to students is a way to build a strong foundation for learning. Teaching these social emotional learning skills (SEL) in schools helps students and teachers focus, regulate emotion, practice curiosity, patience and allows the brain to be open to learning. Students can not learn if they stressed and sadly, we are realizing even the youngest children experience stress. We need to teach them these tools as early as possible.

• Better Focus and Concentration
• Raised Self-Awareness
• Decreased Stress for Students and Teachers
• Improved School-wide Culture and Climate
• Stronger impulse Control
• Fostered Conflict Resolution Skills
• Increased Calm
• Skillful Ways to Respond to Difficult Emotions
• Increased Empathy and Understanding of Others


Nearly 40% of high school seniors report that they often feel lonely and left out.


46% of all children in the U.S. have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE).


61% of teachers report being stressed out.


58% of teachers say their mental health is “not good.”

Our Classes

Mindful Schools

Contact Project Mindful to inquire about bringing mindfulness to your school.

Average per student cost: Approximately $60


Our Schools

Project Mindful has introduced training into many schools throughout the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley. Below are some of the schools we have worked with:

Ancillae Assumpta Academy, Wyncote, PA
Blair Mill Elementary, Hatboro, PA
Edgewood Elementary, Morrisville, PA
Falsington Elementary, Levittown, PA
Hallowell Elementary, Horsham, PA
Lower Makefield & Pennsbury Elementary, Yardley , PA
Maple Glen Elementary, Maple Glen, PA<
Pennypack Elementary, Hatboro, PA
Pine Road Elementary, Huntington Valley, PA
Previous Scool Programs
Catapult Learning, Philadelphia, PA
Erdenheim Elementary School, Flourtown, PA
Ft. Washington Elementary, Ft. Washington, PA
Jarrettown Elementary, Upper Dublin, PA
Middle School, School District of Springfield Township
Montessori School, Dresher, PA
Simmons Elementary, Hatboro-Horsham District
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, PA
St. Mark Catholic School, Bristol, PA
Teacher Training, Area School Districts
Thomas Fitzwater Elementary, Willow Grove, PA