Thriving in School Begins with Teachers

Mindfulness gives teachers a lens to turn inward to their minds  and body. It provides a complete toolbox to use when they are stressed, distracted or overwhelmed both in the classroom and their everyday lives. It is the gift that keeps giving.

We talk about educating the whole child but what about the whole educator?


60% of teachers report being stressed out.

Teachers are struggling; they are leaving their vocation in record numbers. Teachers cannot teach effectively if they are stressed; they are leaving their vocation in record numbers.

    • Long hours lead to burnout and stress
    • Prep time being taken away
    • Work life balance difficult
    • Behavioral changes in students and parents
    • Lack of substitute teachers
    • Social emotional effects of Covid


Nearly 40% of high school seniors report that they often feel lonely and left out.


58% of teachers say their mental health is “not good.”

After practicing for mindfulness for 3 months

In our time together, we explore the power of social-emotional learning (SEL) skills in schools. Discover how practicing mindfulness can help students and teachers alike to focus, regulate emotions, and cultivate important qualities like curiosity, patience, and empathy. Join us as we share practical tips and strategies for incorporating SEL into your classroom, and learn how to create a more positive and effective learning environment for everyone. 


Report lower stress and greater self-compassion


Connect better with students


Deliver curriculum with more ease


Are more satisfied with their jobs

Start your journey towards mindfulness and growth today!

Contact Project Mindful to inquire about bringing mindfulness to your school.

Cost for student average approximately $30