My journey has been amazing and full of growth, fear and stepping out of my comfort zone. My inner dialogue for years was so critical, never feeling “good enough”, pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, nice enough… you get my point. Forever thinking …you can always do better, which left me in a place of not feeling “ok” where I am. The journey of living life in the present starting officially 15 years ago with yoga and has lead me to space where I am now.
What I have learned it that we are all beings made of light and love that are navigating this adventure. Life is exciting, unknown, difficult, and full of learning. Learning comes in so many forms:
  • The Intellectual: seeking answers, studying;
  • Physical: learning how to work the body and understand what it needs; 
  • Spiritual: where learning consists of a journey to find your path, or true self. 

All of these types of learning are important and necessary to develop. Too often people get stuck in the intellect and take the linear path. The latter two types of learning help us to really grow the whole person And are less linear not concerned with getting somewhere but with just being. Too much of my life focused on the intellect. 

The body and spiritual journey is profound, messy, frightening, and beautiful. I am just beginning and I know that this journey will continue until the soul has done its work here on earth. The journey has found me in a place of reckoning God in my youth, confused in my 20’s and 30’s, living mostly in survival mode.  Now, to a curious acceptance going into middle age, this space is so open, full of love and awareness. But what keeps me tied to the doubt and restriction? One answer always comes forth— my conditioning. I have learned to even love and accept my conditioning over the last 10 years (and with much help from other healers).

This is my journey… to accept all that was not mine to accept. To realize I am not what society, my family, teachers, friends thought I should be. I am ME and this is the roller-coaster ride of life with its ups and downs. I will continue trying to uncover what is really true for me. I keep getting on and riding even though I am scared #$*@less at times, and each ride gets me closer to myself.