This coming month is bringing about some big changes for me: All 3 of my children are leaving the nest. My oldest will be returning to Pitt after a life- changing 6 months spent volunteering in the National forests of AZ and my son will be volunteering with AMERICORP in the Pacific Northwest for 10 mos starting in October. My youngest daughter and I will be living in Spain for 3 months where she will study Spanish. My husband, Rudy (dog) and Sammy (cat), will be holding the fort down in PA. All of these changes bring about discomfort. Growing is uncomfortable. It’s sometimes difficult to reach out of our comfort zone and risk safety in order to feel more alive and to understand ourselves better. It is OK NOT to take the well traveled path or the known path. It is OK to veer off and to give yourself what you need. I have been wanting to live overseas for 25 years (after I lived there 30 years ago). I am not getting any younger, so I have chosen to take the leap and live with an open heart.

With this jump, come changes in the way I see clients. I hope to get to work with you through one of my programs and help you experience mindfulness as a gift to yourself. Each level of commitment comes with more perks, learning and opportunities to grow.

Check out the new classes I will be offering while I am away and stay tuned for an exciting schedule to help you have YOUR best year yet, starting in January!