This has been a recent journey in consciousness and a longer journey unconscious. So let’s start with the conscious… Imagine an iceberg, conscious is the top of the iceberg that part we can see (10%) The unconscious is the rest, what’s under the water and what we cannot see. We are trained in our society to focus on what we can see. However, can you also realize how much is being ignored? WE are conditioned to focus on what we can see because it is safe. For the last 3 years, I have been immersing myself in spirituality and what that means to me. It has always seemed elusive and for those who wear crystals and flowy clothing etc (and yes sometimes I do fit the stereotype 😉 What I was struggling for 30 years with was more religion, how I was raised catholic and how that shame did not fit well with my soul. Catholicism seemed
judgemental and oppressive (especially for women) It seemed focus on sin instead of self love – That did not sit well for me and created self doubt and fear for me in my life.

I have found a space where I now feel comfortable. A space where I do believe in a God/Goddess/Being/Energy that is higher than myself and I also believe I am this beautiful energy. My Goddess at this point is love and trying to live every day in that likeness. I found this path through exploring spirituality. This quote from the book Loyalty to the Soul, sums it up, “Spirituality is consciously knowing who you are and why you are here. It is a deep dive under the water to explore the iceberg. It’s realizing that everything under the iceberg exists and it is integral to the whole. “Spirituality is the process of awakening into the conscious experience of unconditional love in the here and now, rather than only after one dies.”

Everything under the iceberg seems so unnecessary to explore because we are in surviving mode instead of thriving. We ignore it and wonder why we feel anxious, resentful, sad and lost. Exploring the iceberg is the only way to realize your purpose and to live freely and wholeheartedly. It offers the freedom to heal but only if we can be courageous enough to put the scuba gear on and explore.

Mindfulness was the first step for me on the spiritual adventure. I had no idea where it would take me. There is no use looking back, there is only right here, right now. Imagine if you could consciously know who you are and why you are here. YOU COULD BE FREE to BE YOU!