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in Education
• Project CARES for all schools...
Creating Aware Resilient Empathic Students in schools
• Basic program is 16 sessions -     two times per week
• Special experiential exercises for teenagers
• Programs customized for each class and school
• Lessons consist of mindful breathing, listening, seeing, eating, gratitude, mindful thoughts and emotions, test taking, and bully prevention
Audio Video Resources
Below are several videos that demonstrate our Project CARES (Creating Aware Resilient Empathic Students) which introduces benefits of mindfulness to students and teachers in the school setting. This is one of the most exciting developments in education today. There are also videos of a workshop for adults and parents, and other resources which you may find helpful. Please let us know if you have questions or would like to see more resources on specific topic.
Student Resources
Parenting Resources
Mediation on parenting with compassion and loving kindness
Mindfulness for Beginners
Meditations for those who've completed "Intro to Mindfulness"
WEEK 1 - Five-minute Breathing Meditation
WEEK 2 - Intro to Body Scan
WEEK 3 - Emotions
WEEK 4 - SelfCompassion
BONUS - Nighttime Relaxation for Kids
Comcast Interview
Project CARES on the Radio
Brad Segall interviews Jacquie on mindfulness in classrooms
Comcast Interview
Project CARES on Television
Jill Horner interviews Jacquie O'Malley about Project CARES
Meditation for Kids
9-year-old Ryan shares a meditation he made for baseball
Tools for Grade School Students
Jacquie leads children through mindfulness exercises
Exercises for Preschoolers
Jacquie introduces preschoolers to benefits of mindful thinking
Workshop for Adults and Parents
Jacquie tells her story and leads a workshop (Length 1 hour)
Kids Teach Us How to Handle Anger
"Just Breathe" — A short film from Los Angeles, CA
If you are interested learning more about the benefits of mindfulness training, for you or your child—or bringing mindfulness training into your school or organization—contact me at 215-370-1626 or email jacquie@projectmindful.org.
Jacquelyn O'Malley, M.Ed
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