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in Education
• Project CARES for all schools...
Creating Aware Resilient Empathic Students in schools
• Basic program is 16 sessions -     two times per week
• Special experiential exercises for teenagers
• Programs customized for each class and school
• Lessons consist of mindful breathing, listening, seeing, eating, gratitude, mindful thoughts and emotions, test taking, and bully prevention
Mindfulness in Schools
"See What Children Are Saying"
classThe following comments are from teachers who have experienced Project CARES in their classrooms. Schools represented are Simmons Elementary in Horsham, Ancillae Assumpta Academy in Wyncote, and Erdenheim Elementary School in Flourtown, PA.

Carter ~
Mindfulness is very calm. If you are in a rush you can use it. Mindfulness is very good for you. Mindfulness is the BEST thing ever! My mommy went to meetings with Mrs. O’Malley and Mrs. Class. Mindfulness is fun!

Ethan ~
There is something called mindfulness. You can use mindfulness when you get angry or mad or furious or sad. Mrs. O’Malley taught us all the mindfulness lessons. My favorite mindfulness lesson was mindful bodies. It is fun doing mindfulness.

Kiera ~
I like mindfulness because it calms you down. You can learn to pull your puppy in when you are goofing off or when your reptile brain goes on. It is relaxing when we use the breathing sphere. We get to do it two times a day. I don’t ever want to stop mindfulness because I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

Fiona ~
Your lizard brain makes you call out and you are defensive and scared. Your prefrontal cortex calms you down. Using my prefrontal cortex helps me when I am a little nervous. It helps me calm down.

Charlotte ~
There are a lot of ways to do mindfulness. You can do mindfulness everywhere. If you are angry or frustrated you can do mindfulness. When it was the last day did mindful eating. In mindful eating we ate a Hershey Kiss, popcorn and raisins. We said, “Thank you!”

Everett ~
My favorite part of mindfulness is mindful walking. Mindful walking is was my favorite because we got to walk and run around the field. We walked around a tree silently. Some people budged and got out of line. I really love mindfulness. I use it at my house before my bedtime. I like mindfulness because it helps me stay calm.
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